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Britishness, understated elegance and always an interior that is undeniably ‘a better place to be’ are Rover virtues that have come together in the Rover 75 Coupe concept car.

The company’s design team wanted to mark the first 100 years of the Rover marque with a stylish design that would sit confidently as the latest in the line of renowned Rovers like the P4, the handsome P5 coupe, the innovative P6 2000 model and the bold SD1 hatchback.

This has been achieved in the form of the Rover 75 Coupe concept - a beautiful and elegant two-door expression of the stylish 75 Saloon. The concept’s interior strongly focuses on Yew wood and Tan leather hide introducing the style of designer furniture into the automotive lounge, extending Rover’s trademark for a welcoming interior.

Peter Stevens, Rover’s design director says: “I want people to turn away for a moment from post modern brutalism and to enjoy the elegant and timeless lines of the 75 Coupe’s design. The true character of a Rover comes from its ability to present a cosseting environment with comfort and refinement being the high priorities, elements that should be expressed in the form and detailing of the exterior of the car."

“Heritage is a great strength for a marque as it gives you the terms of reference and something to build on for the future. That is exactly how we saw the challenge of presenting a Rover concept in its Centenary year.”

An elegant two-door, four-seater, the 75 Coupe shares its underpinnings and front-end styling with the production 75 saloon, with the V8's deeper grille that stretches down to the lower front fascia while in back a standard rear bumper and stock 75 trunk lid are also used.

Although the Coupe looks considerably shorter than that model, overall length and wheelbase are said to be unchanged; it does, however, have a lower roofline (0.79 inches lower than the 75 Sedan), frameless windows and lowered suspension. The 75 Coupe rides on a set of chunky five-spoke 19-inch alloy wheels wrapped in high-performance rubber. Its a sporting touch that, like the chrome exterior accents, speaks subtly of performance and class.

As the coupe is based on the existing Rover 75 platform, there is a strong possibility for both front wheel drive Quad Cam V6 and rear wheel drive V8 derivatives becoming available. The development of the Rover 75 coupe also provides an opportunity for a range topping MG X-Power ZT 385bhp supercharged V8 derivative also being produced.

Peter Stevens says: “The KV6 engine combines a superb soundtrack with a surge of power and a wider performance envelope to drive within - perfect for a sports car.”

"Beautiful …. The new 75 coupe looks as good as a Bentley Continental", that's what The Sun had to say on Friday 17th November 2004 about the Rover 75 Coupe.




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